2 Keys to your Spiritual Growth

During the past two months, of what could be called a wilderness season, I discovered that there are two areas of spiritual growth that determines whether you are just a surviving Christian or a thriving one. Firstly, it is knowing your identity and who you are in Christ, i.e., who God says you are and what you have inherited as a child of God. And secondly, it is knowing and believing who God is and who He says He is, by having an intimate relationship with Him.

You cannot walk in victory if you still have the mindset of a victim and behaving in defeat. To fully discover your identity in Christ and operate in your inheritance of what you have been given and how God sees you, a great start is to read Ephesians 1, and on a piece of paper, write down all the “I am” statements.  Read these as declarations to yourself every day, until you start believing them in your heart.  Acknowledging that you are loved, chosen, redeemed etc, are the building blocks to your true identity as a Royal Prince or Princess of our King.  Once you have sealed those in your spirit, do this for every passage of Scripture that you read, and you will discover many more powerful “I am” statements for you to declare. Once you start believing them, you will start walking, talking and acting like God intended you to.

You cannot fully trust God if you don’t really know Him. We may know of God, and be familiar with His role in the Bible stories, but until you can fully grasp who God is as a person, and have an intimate relationships with Him, you will always lack a confident trust and belief in Him and His promises. To learn who God is and what He has promised you, you need to be reading His Word to discover this, and be open and quiet to listen to His Holy Spirit speaking to you. A helpful way I was taught, is to get A4 sized paper, and mark down in the left column A to Z, leaving a few lines in-between each letter.  Then, whenever you are reading your Bible, look out for the many characteristics of God that you can find, and write them down in the corresponding first letter of that word.  For example, under H, you will eventually have one of the words as ‘Holy’, and under K, you will need to write ‘Kind’.

My prayer is that you will join me on this adventure of discovering and building ourselves up in these two areas.  I am confident that as we start walking in our true identity and discovering how great is our God as we grow closer in our relationship with Him and start believing it, these keys will help set us free to fly like an Eagle and excel at being a true Christian disciple.

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